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Why Hire Me?

It's great to have you here. I know the first thing on your mind is, "why should I hire Joy for my writing project." Don't think twice:

- I have worked with up to 10 health brands and over 60 individual clients as a health writer, editor, and content strategist)

- I graduated top of my class with a B.Sc in Anatomy (which gives me an edge as I can easily break down medical terminologies)

- I have great research skills and have mastered the art of empathetically communicating complex topics to my readers

- I can work solo or as a team, beating work deadlines

- I never sacrifice quality for anything

- My clients always leave great feedback for me, which goes a long way to show that I am committed to submitting satisfactory works 

- If you hire me, you may not need to hire an editor or an on-page SEO specialist

- I am versatile, a fast learner, and have experience using different tools like Asana, SemRush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Ahref, Clearscope, and Surfer SEO

- I can help you create articles that will rank on the first page of Google's SERP (just as shown right below), more than tripling your website's traffic and visibility

(Note: You might be unable to access articles I wrote for some websites like Healthgrades if you reside in countries like Nigeria. Sorry about that, but you may need a VPN to access their website.)

Top Ranking Articles

(Articles ranking on the first or second page of Google's SERP) 

What Are Jowls? All Your Treatment Options Explained

“Jowls” is a term used to describe excess or overhanging skin and fat that develops below the jawline or chin. They can occur due to a number of factors, including natural aging. While jowls are physically harmless, medical treatment options are available if they are a concern for you. Everyone experiences skin changes as they age. One of these changes can be the appearance of jowls.

Additionally, it is possible to experience sagging skin or jowls earlier in life for other reasons. They can occ

What Is an Adrenaline Rush? What Causes It?

At times, people may experience fear or excitement that increases their heart rate, causes hairs on their body to stand, or makes their hands tremble. These experiences can result from an adrenaline rush. In the face of a dangerous, threatening, stressful, or even exciting situations, the body releases a hormone called adrenaline to help prepare for any emergency. This is known as an adrenaline rush, and is one of the vital ways the body defends itself.

An adrenaline rush may feel good for some

MSG Dangers and Allergies: Myths Debunked

Many myths surround monosodium L-glutamate (MSG) in foods. Despite the fact that recent studies have proven the safety of MSG, many people believe that this food additive can cause serious health conditions, such as cancer, brain damage, and asthma. If you experience severe symptoms after eating a meal cooked with MSG, your symptoms are likely not the result of MSG. Rather, they may be due to an underlying health issue or another factor, such as an allergy to the food you ate.

This article debu

Blood group compatibility chart for marriage

A blood group compatibility chart for marriage comes in handy for couples as it helps understand how your spouse's blood type can affect you.

Blood group compatibility does not determine whether a couple will have a happy and healthy marriage. However, having a compatible blood group with your partner will help ensure you don't have issues with blood donation and pregnancy, which may affect your marriage.

Also, note that no "one" blood group is best for marriage. However, based on some blood t

Best foods to eat after fasting

Not many studies have been carried out to ascertain the best foods to eat after fasting. Discover in this article the best foods to eat after fasting to avoid uneasy symptoms.

Different kinds of fasting, such as intermittent fasting, have gained popularity over the recent years. While some kinds of fasting restrict all types of foods, others only limit certain types of food. After hours of fasting, you may be stuck with figuring out the best meal for your body's recovery and for your digestive

Here is how skipping meals does not cause stomach ulcers

The wide belief is that skipping meals causes stomach ulcers. However, not eating does not cause ulcer. Here is an exclusive article on the natural causes of stomach ulcer.

On many occasions, We are asked to avoid skipping meals to avoid developing stomach ulcers. Different theories of what causes stomach ulcers have been raised, including stress and skipping meals. But does skipping meals cause stomach ulcers?

While skipping meals for any reason can cause adverse health conditions such as lac

Skin Popping Drugs: Signs, Dangers & Treatment

Where do calls go?

Drug users inject drugs in different ways. One of these ways is skin popping. Skin popping is a method used by some drug users to inject illicit drugs.

Heroin is the most commonly injected drug. Drugs like cocaine, buprenorphine barbiturates, and other opiates are also injected into the skin.1

Skin popping can also be referred to as subcutaneous injection or intradermal injection.
• Intradermal injection involves delivering the illicit drug into the dermis. The dermis is th

Modafinil vs Adderall for ADHD

What is Modafinil? (+ Its Uses)

Modafinil belongs to a class of medications that promote wakefulness. It is sold under the brand name Provigil. The drug is used to treat sleep disturbances such as:
• Excessive sleepiness (being unusually tired throughout the day, despite how much sleep you get)
• Obstructive sleep apnea (a condition in which the airway is intermittently blocked during sleep)
• Shift work sleep disorder (a sleep disorder in which the normal sleep rhythm has been disturbed, usual

Can I Drink Alcohol on Cephalexin?

Cephalexin, sold under the brand name Keflex, is an antibiotic that treats bacterial infections in both children and adults. It belongs to a class of medicines called cephalosporin antibiotics and works by killing bacteria.3

Cephalexin is available as a prescription medication. It can’t be purchased over the counter. It comes in different formulations, including tablets, capsules, and a powder for liquid suspension.

Pregnant women may take cephalexin as it’s considered to be safe and effective

(Note: You might be unable to access articles I wrote for some websites like Healthgrades if you reside in countries like Nigeria. Sorry about that, but you may need a VPN to access their website.)

Hi there,

I am a top-rated freelance health writer, content strategist and editor. 

You have seen some of my published works; here are what some of my clients and team members have to say about me and my work in my Testimonials Page...

Social Media Experience

I am not a social media freak, but I like to see myself as a writer that knows how to have fun and do business on social media. I have social media accounts dedicated to helping my career and building my brand. 

I generally talk a lot about writing, SEO, health, writing, business, personal development, branding, relationships, and life on my social media pages. 

Would you want to take a peek? Click on my social media handles just on top of this page. When on my page, click the follow button; let's connect!


What do you charge?

Different factors determine how much I charge for my work. I charge depending on the type of project, urgency, level of research required, and other services that may be required alongside writing (e.g., editing and SEO). Check out my Pricing List below for more details. 

Are you open to full-time roles?

I enjoy working as a freelancer. However, I may consider a full-time role if the offer is good and the project aligns with my career goals.

What is your process?

I often like to start with understanding your website and what it is all about. Then, I want to know the audience I am creating content for. It helps me imagine what they expect to get from my content. Putting myself in the readers' shoes helps me create quality content that answers all their questions. 

After this, I like to research the topic, check what competitors have done, and figure out how to make my content stand out. I would also like to know if my client has made efforts to research the topic for SEO purposes and if there are existing articles on the website that we could link the article to. I also ask them if they have a specific style guide to which they would like me to adhere. 

Depending on the article, I may need to speak with people to gather first-hand information or speak with experts to get their opinion on the article's topic.

I take my time to create the content (putting the deadline into consideration), go ahead and edit the content and finally proofread it.

What I Charge

Pro - $500

This is what you get when you pay for my premium writing service:

- More than 1500 words, if need be

- Well-written, well-researched, edited, and proofread article with a reference list

- Keyword researched content

- Content well-optimized for on-page SEO

- Competitor analysis to see what ranking websites did and what to include to make yours stand out

- Topic suggestions to help your website rank for the target keyword

-Help you develop topic clusters

- 3 rounds of revisions 

- Interview experts

I suggest you opt for the pro plan if you can afford it. It will save you time and prevent stress, plus you will get a lot of returns in value for your money.

Plus - $250

I offer a much more exclusive service with my plus service compared to the basic.

You will get:

- Quality researched article with links to sources and a reference list

- Maximum of 1,500 words

- Free editorial and proofreading services

- Plan comes with 1 round of revision

Basic - $150

Are you running a simple blog or website and need a good writer to help you create some short blog posts on a moderate budget? You may want to go for my basic pricing.

Features include:

- Well-written article on the provided topic (no additional research for SEO)

- Maximum of 1000 words

- Researched with links to studies and other reputable sources

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